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The energy certificate of a house has become an important issue when buying, selling or even renting a house. But, perhaps you wonder what is the real price of the energy certificate?

This document is used, when selling or buying a property, to certify its energy situation. It measures aspects such as the consumption of electricity, natural gas or the insulation of the house.

When the certification process is completed, a certificate is issued that values the property with an energy label. The energy certificate A is the most efficient, and goes down to the letter G, which is the least efficient.

First of all, the professional who is going to make the certificate, architect or engineer, usually mark their fees in a particular way. Therefore, the first aspect to take into account when it comes to knowing the price of the energy certificate is how much the professional will charge us for taking the data of the property, the realization of the report and the registration of the certificate.

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If you want to make energy efficiency certificates and offer your services to private clients, we explain you which are the main requirements to be an energy efficiency technician.

To make an energy certificate it is essential to know and handle at least one of the programs enabled for the energy certification of houses. The most commonly used are CE3 and CE3X.

The general reference procedure is Calener, a program already used to calculate the energy rating of new buildings. For the calculation of the energy rating of existing buildings, two simplified procedures, simpler than Calener, were created: they are Ce3 and CE3X. See here for a tutorial on how to use the CE3X program and where to download it.

Remember that an energy certificate requires a visit to the property. As a certifying technician you must be able to go to the property to take the necessary data and measurements that you will then enter in the CE3 or CE3X program.

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Nowadays, having a home with a good energy rating will mean significant savings in our bills, as well as contributing to improve our environment and helping to promote the transition to renewable energies. If in particular you need to know if a house has an energy certificate, in AEE Soluciones we are going to show you some keys and previous considerations.

If the house was built after November 1, 2007, then you will have this document. And it is that the houses raised from this date have the obligation to have this certification as it gathers the Royal Decree 47/2007.

3- We will already be on the Junta’s open data website. By default, they will be ordered by date of registration, although grouped by provinces. https://analisis.datosabiertos.jcyl.es/explore/dataset/certificados-de-eficiencia-energetica/table/?sort=fecha_inscripcion

A few days ago, the Ministry of Ecological Transition launched its own portal to find out if a house has an energy certificate. Its usefulness lies in developing energy efficiency improvements in homes and buildings, providing valuable information for real estate sellers and buyers.

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